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Career Wise Management
We are an independent, owner managed organization founded in 1999 based in Johannesburg but with a national footprint. We are passionate about our business and our mission is to maximize the number of students qualifying in their chosen disciplines and entering the workplace. Everything we do supports this.
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February 13, 2018
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February 20, 2018
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October 24, 2017
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What People Say

What real people say about Career Wise:

Zikhona Mphongoshe

Zikhona Mphongoshe

Current OMT Scholarship Recipient
I am Zikhona Mphongoshe, a proud recipient of an Oppenheimer Memorial Trust (OMT) Scholarship. I am currently in 3rd Law studying at The University of the Witwatersrand. It's very good to be notified by the fees office that my fees have been paid in full and I want to thank Career Wise again for this opportunity.  I have seen a change in my work ethic and my results since receiving financial aid. Knowing that you financially secure has a way of decreasing anxiety. University becomes more bearable and you have minus one problem to worry about.  'A stressed brain cannot learn, and a stressed brain cannot retain knowledge'.
Koetlisi Koetlisi

Koetlisi Koetlisi

W.K. Kellogg Foundation Fellow: Principal Soil Scientist Government of Kingdom of Lesotho
My name is Koetlisi Koetlisi and through a full funding scholarship from W K Kellogg, I have had the opportunity of attending the University KwaZulu-Natal, where I am currently completing my PhD in Agriculture specializing in soil science. It has really been impossible to change my past, but surely the moment W K Kellogg came into my life and helped me to redesign my future, the story of my life became different! It has been a journey and a half, but then again, the signal (i.e. W.K. Kellogg Foundation Southern African Scholarship) from my lighthouse led me to my final destination. This destination would be what my parents if they were still alive, would call it unwavering courage that unlocked the potential of countryside young man. Many challenges came along. I would never forget my study leave being revoked. However, my determination guided me till I decided to consider that particular crisis as part of my academic journey. When I was at work, I would refer to it as community service and work as twice as much to achieve both commitments as expected. Throughout the entire journey, Career Wise was there to support me not just financially, but socially, personally and academically too. Career Wise arms extended beyond administration of scholarships into an organisation whose aim reigns into a holistic support of African scholars good in reporting, organization, interpersonal, leadership and professional skills.
Sumaiya Ayob

Sumaiya Ayob

DSV Trust Bursary Graduate: Nephrologist
I studied at Durban University of Technology in 2009 and this testimony is a sincere gratitude for all that DSV Trust Bursary (previously called the UET Bursary) and Career Wise have done for me. I am a Clinical Technologist with my BTech degree specializing in Nephrology and I have not forgotten how the bursary has helped my foundation into becoming the qualified person that I am today. I wish Career Wise all the best in the growth of the company and that its continues  being a helping hand in the growth of our education.
Feroll-Jon Davids

Féroll-Jon Davids

Current OMT Scholarship Recipient
I am Féroll-Jon Davids, a proud recipient of an Oppenheimer Memorial Trust (OMT) Scholarship. I am currently studying BMus (Bachelor of Music) at Stellenbosch University (SU) with clarinet as my main instrument. Ironically though, music was not my first choice. Being practically minded, I initially intended studying either accounting or medicine. However, after doing well at school in Eisteddfods and competitions, participating in chamber music festivals, attending classical music concerts and ultimately making my debut as a soloist with an orchestra, I needed little convincing in my matric year to pursue my life’s passion. Receiving the OMT scholarship, the first awarded for BMus, served at the time as confirmation that I had made the right decision. Four years filled with rewarding experiences and valuable challenges have since passed and I have not had a moment’s doubt or regret.
Razia Adam

Razia Adam

MQA Bursary Graduate: Principal Specialist at Sasol Mining
My name is Razia Adam and my lifelong interest in geology and the natural world really commenced in 2002 during my final year of secondary school at Bechet High School where I had a great teacher of science. My journey then started when I pursued a Geology career at the University of the Free State. The day when my Professor shared information with us in a lecture about the MQA bursary application process, for me that was a confirmation of my faith. My whole life changed when I was successful and granted the MQA bursary, through Career Wise for my BSc (Hons) Geology degree. The bursary funded me until 4th year (Honours) and it didn’t just pay for my tuition fees, textbooks allowances, housing allowance and food allowance, they also made sure they pay for my vacation exposure with Harmony Gold Mine and Anglo American Thermal Coal. Career Wise played a pivotal role during my formative years at the University of the Free State: their team ensured that I could register at university every year without payment. The meal, book, and accommodation allowances were always paid on time which allowed me to focus on my degree, and tuition payments were never late. Career Wise would always send a rep to visit me at my university twice a year to track my progress and help any academic issues I had, and they availed themselves via phone & e-mail at my convenience.
Bonolo Ntlatleng

Bonolo Makgotso Ntlatleng

OMT Scholarship Graduate: Social Performance Strategist at De Beers Consolidated Mines
My name is Bonolo Makgotso Ntlatleng. Through the Oppenheimer Memorial Trust Scholarship, I had the privilege of attending the University of Cape Town. I studied a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Political Studies, International Relations, and Economics. I am currently completing my Honours in International Relations. The trajectory of my life changed when I received a scholarship from the Oppenheimer Memorial Trust through Career Wise. This is because the scholarship allowed me to attend a leading university that unlocked my potential and pushed me to stretch myself academically and personally. Through this journey, Career Wise was there to guide me not just financially, but personally and academically too. Career Wise is not just an organization that administers scholarships- it is an organization that is dedicated to honing the next generation of South African leaders through sharpening their interpersonal and professional skills and providing them with a world-class education.

Richard Mokgata

W&R Seta: Executive Manager of Bursaries and Placements
Career Wise was contracted by W&R Seta to render bursary management services from 2011 till 2015. From our dealings with Career Wise over the indicated period, I can categorically state that they performance and service has been more than satisfactory. The SETA environment is characterise by a high demand for reporting and Career Wise always came to our support when reports were demanded sometimes with tight deadlines. The reports that were produced were accurate with no requirement for rework. I am happy to recommend them as a provider of bursary management services and would be comfortable to engage them in the future should an opportunity arise.