Frequently Asked Questions

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Things related to making an application.

These are the options: Download the application form from the website and complete the form neatly in black ink and return to us by fax, e-mail or post to the addresses given on the forms. Please note some sponsor bursaries have their own specific application form (e.g. Vodacom, South African Reserve Bank), so please note that you will need to download and complete it if you are applying for a bursary with that specific sponsor. Complete the online application, which has two easy steps. First register your profile (requires valid email address) and second is completing all the relevant sections similar to a CV.
Generally it is recommended that candidates apply between the beginning of April and the end of July each year. Please note that it is not necessary to apply more than once (i.e do not apply online and download the hardcopy application form). Please select one method of application only. For example, if you have applied use the hardcopy Career Wise application form and you are not eligible for any of the programmes listed there, but may be eligible for one of our other programmes we will keep your application on record (i.e. we will add you do the online application database). Should you not receive any response from us in a given academic year. If your application has not been successful for that academic year, you do not need to reapply. Simply updated your results at the beginning of the following year.
No fees are payable at any time during the application process or thereafter by any applicant or student to Career Wise.

Initial applications should include the information requested in the form if you applying using a downloaded application form. Do not send any additional information such as extensive CVs, school certificates etc. If you would like to include a CV ensure that it does not exceed 2 typed pages. Do not bind documents. If you submit an application by e-mail ensure that the documents are sent through as one cohesive file and not as separate pages and that the file size is as small as possible. PDF formats are preferred.

If you are applying online then please make sure you application is 100% complete. There will be sections to compete that will require you to upload documents (e.g. ID, Lastest academic record, Acceptance letter from University or NBT test results.

Due to the volume of applications received, we are not in a position to reply individually to each application. We will contact you if you meet our initial criteria and invite you to attend a preliminary interview.

If you are not shortlisted for the programme for which you have applied we will consider you for the other programmes should you meet their criteria. Please do not call or e-mail to check on the progress of your application as it is difficult for us to track this at any given time as you may be being considered for a number of options. If you do not receive a positive reply from us in a particular academic year, please reapply the following year with your updated results.

Things to know about the bursary/scholarship.

If you meet the criteria for one or more of our schemes, you will be shortlisted for these and considered for a preliminary interview. If you are invited to a preliminary interview, these are normally held at a regional venue and will be conducted by a Career Wise staff member. You will be screened for overall suitability for the bursary/scholarship for which you are being considered and you will be asked general questions regarding your personal and schooling background as well as your study and career interests. We try to keep these interviews as informal as possible so that we can elicit good information. By all means prepare some questions as this is the right opportunity to clarify any concerns you may have regarding the selection process and the bursary/scholarship for which you have applied or are being considered. You do not need to dress formally for this interview, school uniform or smart casual dress is appropriate.

For our corporate bursaries as well as for most of our Trust and Foundation scholarships you will need to attend a final interview with the sponsor should you be selected from the preliminary interview. You will be carefully briefed as to what you can expect during this final stage interview as they vary from client to client. You will usually need to travel to Johannesburg or another central venue for his but again you will be briefed. Dress is somewhat more formal but school uniform is a safe option.

You will be given feedback after attending a final interview and if at all possible, considered for other opportunities if you are not successful.

Most of the bursaries/scholarships administered by ourselves are what is called a full bursary or scholarship, i.e. they cover the full costs of registration and tuition fees, a book/cash allowance and residence and meal costs. If you are accommodated out of residence, an allowance equivalent to the costs of a university residence and meals is usually payable. The values of the cash/book allowances vary with the government funded schemes paying at minimum levels and the corporate and privately funded programmes usually paying more generous amounts. Some company bursary schemes pay computer allowances. You will be briefed as to the exact conditions of the bursary/scholarship for which you are being considered if you attend a preliminary interview.

Please note that all bursary/scholarships pay for study related costs only, i.e. they cover your costs whilst you are studying. You and your family will remain responsible for personal expenses such as travel, medical, clothing and any other costs related to personal items.

It is your responsibility to apply for admission to an institution of your choice depending on the course which you intend to study. We recommend that you apply to at least two, if not three institutions as there is a lot of demand for limited places available. Ensure that you also apply for residence and financial aid if this is required. If you secure a bursary, you can cancel the financial aid application. However, you cannot apply late. We prefer our bursars to be accommodated in a university residence but if this is not possible, try to secure suitable private accommodation close to your institution. This will avoid having to spend long hours commuting and ensure you have accommodation suited to study purposes. You are also encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities which is easier if you live on campus or close by. If you are required to pay a deposit, ensure that you do this on time so as not to lose the place.
We will send you an offer letter with details. If you are made a final offer for a bursary or scholarship, we normally ask you to accept sooner rather than later. This is to ensure that we can confirm numbers and consider other applicants if you are not accepting the offer. Should there be any change in decision regarding your response to our offer, please let us know immediately so that we can consider other shortlisted candidates.
It does not reflect positively on your status as an independent student if we receive calls from your parents regarding the application process or status. You should be dealing with us directly at all times regarding all aspects of your bursary application. This continues to apply should you be successful in your application and receive one of administered bursaries. All queries and correspondence should be handled by yourself. We cannot deal with others acting on your behalf.