We Are Bursary Specialists

Established in  1998, we have developed expertise that set us apart as a bursary administration service provider. Through our industry insights, we have developed bursary categories that allow us to serve a variety of needs on the part of our client partners. We administer a full range of bursary offerings that cater to various financial circumstances. The obligations for each type of bursary vary and our policies ensure that there is transparency and adequate support for the success of the students. Please note the following about our bursaries:

• only available to South African citizens and permanent residents unless otherwise stated,
• for studies at South African public institutions,
• for undergraduate studies mainly, but could include postgraduate studies depending on the sponsoring client partner.


The Categories of Bursaries Under Our Administration Include:

B-BBEE Bursaries

Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Bursaries are awarded with the objective of meeting the skills development goals of an organization as well as maintaining their B-BBEE status.

Corporate Bursaries

Offered by some companies, primarily with the objectives of attracting and upskilling talent to their organizations and investing in youth development, all of which can improve their overall B-BBEE score.

CSI/Community Bursaries

Offered by companies as part of thier corporate social investment initiatives. The communities that the company operates in are the main beneficiaries of such bursaries.

Child/Dependent of Employee Bursaries

As the name implies, the children or dependents of employee bursaries are offered by companies to asist their permanent staff through close co-ordination with the company's Human Resources department.

Employee Bursaries/ Study Assistance

Offered by companies to their permanent staff as part of the the company's skills development plan. Some employees may use the upskilling to advance within the company.

Government and SETA Bursaries

Offered by various organs of state support of the government’s stated objective to increase the number of graduates in scarce and critical skills disciplines. Each sector of the country’s economy has a SETA (Sector Education and Training Authority) which is responsible for the skills planning and output for that particular sector.

Private Individual, Trust or Foundation Bursaries

These bursaries are offered by private individuals, trusts, or foundations with the object of youth development. The indinvidual circumstances of the successful bursar determine how much support is offered.