It is no secret that becoming doctor is one of the most time intensive commitments you can make (i.e. it takes 9 years in total to become a practising medical doctor, which is comprised of 6 years of undergraduate studies after obtaining a matric, 2 years of internship at a local hospital and 1 year of community service), but that is very worth it given how noble the profession is in society. At the centre of the profession is the heart to wanting to help others, which society cannot function without because at some stage we all come into contact a medical professional e.g. even before a baby is born a specialist medical doctor (i.e. gynaecologist or obstetrician) consults with the mother of the child to ensure safe delivery of the baby. If you love helping people and you are academically strong in English, Science, Biology and Maths then becoming a doctor could be perfect for you.

medical bursaries
Medical Bursaries

The years spent becoming a doctor will be very expensive from the point of studying, to all the equipment involved and years spent being a university student which is on average longer than any other degree. At Career Wise we have partnered with both corporate and non-profits to afford the most deserving students an opportunity to contribute positively to all of society be funding the medical journey till graduation into the 2 years of internship. These include: W K Kellogg Foundation South African Scholarship, Oppenheimer Memorial Trust Scholarship and DSV Trust. Should this be of interest to you, then you should apply for a bursary with us today.

Available bursaries for 2019.