Career Wise has always held maximizing graduation rates and employment of students under our administration in high regard since we opened doors in 1999. More than 20 years later we are still passionate about student success and driven by the same mission. However, we have embraced the innovation of digital tools to map out how far we have come and gained insights into how bursaries and scholarship impact lives. It wouldn’t be possible to measure the full impact of all the work we have been involved in over the years without getting feedback from the graduates who were sponsored by programmes we administered.

We would like to invite you to complete a 5-minute graduate survey below, which will assist us to:

  • Establish a connection to you as an alumni graduate,
  • Share your success story to inspire others to achieve,
  • Paint a historical picture of our work supported over the years.

Our aim with conducting this survey is, to improve our service delivery and to gain better insights on the overall student experience. We feel that we have room to improve and our efforts are better informed when they can be supported by real data.

Please note that sharing any personal information is not an obligation and we will not be sharing/distributing that information with any 3rd parties. The survey will only be used by Career Wise for marketing material reflecting on all the years of student support.

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