Who are we?

We specialize in the management of bursary, scholarship, work experience and internship programmes with more than 18 years experience.

We are an independent, owner managed organization based in Johannesburg but with a national footprint.  Our client base includes corporate organizations, government entities as well as private trusts and foundations.

Corporate clients

Alstom                                           Anglo American Thermal Coal            South 32

Black Mountain                           De Beers                                                   Oxford University Press

Johannesburg Water                  Petra Diamonds                                      Nestlé

PPC                                                 Mpact                                                       Woolworths

Barloworld Automotive             Division


Trusts and Foundations

BoE Private Clients                                                            The Oppenheimer Memorial Trust

The Gallagher Foundation                                               The Minerals Education Trust Fund

UTI Empowerment Trust                                                  W K Kellogg Foundation

Pioneer Foods Education & Community Trust

Thusani Trust (Tiger Brands)


Government entities

South African Reserve Bank

Gibela Rail

Financial and Accounting Services SETA



Our mission is to provide our clients with a range of expert services in bursary programme recruitment, development and administration. Our objective is to maximize the graduation and employment rates of all our students.


Ownership and management

Career Wise Empowerment Ventures (Pty) Ltd. is a joint venture between Career Wise and some of its senior and more experienced staff.  It is wholly owned by staff who are employed by the business and are directly responsible for the management and operation thereof.  The shareholding profile is currently 51% Black.


B-BBEE Rating

We are a 51% owned EME (Exempt Micro Organisation) and as such hold a Level 2 B-BBEE rating.



Our offices are situated in Milpark, Johannesburg but we have a national footprint and work in all the provinces to recruit new students and visit current bursars.  We currently have a staff complement of 22 consisting of 9 professional staff responsible for client accounts and student contact, 3 staff who manage all the finances and the remaining complement consisting of administrative and general support staff.



We currently have some 3000 students under our administration at all the public as well as some private tertiary institutions, colleges and schools in South Africa.  The students are registered in a range of disciplines with the majority falling into the ‘scarce’ skills disciplines.


We offer our clients the following range of services all of which are aimed at maximizing student graduation and employment rates: –

Core Services

Recruitment of candidates

 Identifying and maintaining relationships with schools/tertiary institutions on a national basis

  • Marketing and Advertising of careers/clients
  • Screening of applications on paper and by means of preliminary interviews
  • Short listing of candidates according to client criteria
  • Psychometric testing
  • Arrangement of all final interviews

Student liaison and development activities

 Monitoring of academic progress and provision of academic support (Tutoring)

  • Collection and interpretation of results
  • Bi-annual student visits
  • Placement of students for vacation work and practical training
  • Liaison with university departments and staff

Administration of awards

 Contracting (drawing up and signing of contracts etc).

– Enforcement of contractual obligations

  • Personal Records

– Full bursar profiles on database and file records

– Collection of results

  • Financial

– Budgets, reconciliations, variances

– All payments of fees, allowances etc.

In addition to our core services, we offer consultative services which include (but are not limited to):

  • Bursary Policy formulation;
  • Developing guidelines for bursary recruitment and administration;
  • Training of Bursary administrators;
  • Career Guidance;
  • Setting up Systems for bursary administration;


 Results – National

 As is well known, the Higher Education sector in South Africa faces enormous challenges: the two biggest of which are probably the low rates of participation and graduation.

Current figures and statistics for the Higher Education Sector are as follows:-

  • More than 800 000 students are registered
  • The overall participation rate for people in the 20-24 year age group is 16%. This is well below international norms even for developing countries.  However when this is broken down by race, the picture worsens.  Whilst participation rates for the White population stands at a very healthy 64%, the rate for Black youth is a dismal 11%.
  • The overall graduation or completion rate currently stands at 56% but again there is a very uneven distribution here with the completion rate of Black students only half that of White students.

The reasons for this can be attributed to the inequalities of the past but are also due to the continuing poor results emanating from the secondary school sector. Other factors contributing to the poor participation and success rates include lack of financial support, career guidance and a general lack of support systems.  It is well known that poverty levels have deepened in South Africa and the effect of this as well as of HIV/AIDS on families, households and communities exacerbate the situation.


Results – Our students

 As stated previously, all our work ranging from recruitment to liaison and administration is aimed at maximizing these participation and graduation rates and whilst it would be expected that students recruited for scholarship and bursary programs are above average in terms of their abilities, the vast majority of our students whilst very able, come from disadvantaged backgrounds and would generally be considered ‘high risk’ students. The majority of our students are also registered in what is known as the ‘hardcore’ disciplines such as Engineering and Commerce where failure rates are even higher than the average.

Within this context we consistently achieve ‘year on year’ pass rates above 80% and overall throughput or graduation rates in excess of 70%.