Do you have an interest in the mechanics of a business? Does being involved in analysing, interpreting financial information and advising businesses on different levels excite you? If your answer is yes to either of these two questions then the financial system behind any business is more than just number crunching for you and you should consider the different specialities within the umbrella network of being an accountant then align that to a bursary or scholarship to help you fund the degree. Broadly speaking there are four related disciplines in accounting: taxation, auditing, management accounting and finance. Each of these speak to various aspects of a business and having a good balance in your understanding for all allows for you to become a chartered accountant, which is one of the most sought-after professions today.

accounting bursaries
Accounting Bursaries

At Career Wise we have partnered with various multinational corporates and government to give opportunities to any qualifying students funding under the accounting category. Each of these corporates also serve as an employer for accountants so sponsoring bursaries in that field is also a means of developing the profession. These corporates include: South African Reserve Bank, Finance and Accounting Seta, Gibela Rail to name a few. Explore of various partnerships and apply for a bursary today.

Available bursaries for 2019.